Psychological Astrology

The Art of Transformation – Self-Knowledge and Personality Development


A person's horoscope is calculated mathematically based on date, time and place of birth. Astronomical positions are symbolically illustrated in a diagram called Birth Chart, which is then interpreted and translated into the local language by an astrologer. 


As an enthusiastic astrologer, I accompany my clients in their personality development process. I help them with issues in a wide range of fields, such as personal relationships and professional career. In times of crisis I help them to perceive the momentary difficulties, to face problems in a positive way and to better deal with delicate situations. 


I offer the following services:

  • Astrological readings

    • Personality 

    • Relationship

    • Career 

    • Analysis of current situation and future trends

  • Astrological reunion: an astrological chat for those who wish to take a technical deep dive in the subject