Ana Cristina das Chagas Tinner

In 1985 I completed my studies of Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the University of São Paulo – Brazil.  Afterwards I got a postgraduate degree in Marketing at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing. 


In the professional field I worked in several areas. Among them, Advertising, Customer Service, Sales, Purchasing and export processing.


My motivation to work with Astrology and Artistic Jewellery made from recycled material comes from my fascination for the essence of these two activities: the transformation process. In my view, evolutionary processes like the development of life and the cyclical evolution in nature have an enormous intrinsic beauty, with which I interact at an abstract level, in the astrology, as well as on a concrete level, in the creation of jewels.


Since my first contact with Astrology in 1991, it has been an important element in my life.

The in-depth study of Psychological Astrology has contributed to my self-knowledge, to the identification and development of my latent abilities, as well as to the identification of my limitations. This intimate confrontation with my self contributed to a big step forward in my personal development. 

I have studied Psychological Astrology and am a member of SAB - Swiss Association of Astrologers and ISAR - International Society for Astrological Research. 


Art, on the other hand, has been an integral part of my daily life since my childhood. In the course of my life I attended many art courses, whereas the School of Art of Zurich audited the course of Fine Arts with “Certificate of Advanced Studies”.